Monday, August 3, 2015

African Wax Print Maxi skirt

Hey Y'all,
I am so very late to the Maxi skirt trend and honestly I don't know what I've been waiting on.
A pattern was not used on this one, although many patterns can be found out there for similar styles of skirts. I used my measurements along with Mimi G's Regal Maxi Tutorial which can still be found here and let me tell ya. I'm feeling mighty Regal in this one. The fabric I ordered from an online shop called Fabian and Mom which was suggested by a young lady from a sewing group I belong to. This was my first time sewing with a wax cotton fabric and honestly I'm not sure if I'm a fan of that type of fabric or not but I will try it again to be able to make a better judgement call.

Once i plugged my measurements in: waist, length and got the fabric cut out this was a simple one to get sewn up. I paired this with a top I blogged about before Simplicity1364.
I wore this lil number to church and received tons of compliments.    

I kept the length on this one pretty long and used a 1 inch hem because I will probably always have heels on with this one.

  Wish I would have thought to get a close up picture of the back because I'm getting pretty good at this invisible zipper thing.

What I continue to realize is that I really need to invest in a serger. I'm at the point where I want my garments to look a bit more polished on the insides. I just keep talking myself out of making the investment and continue to do a close zig-zag stitch on my seam allowances but that's not gonna cut it for much longer .

  I took my waist measurement for the waistband and added a inch for seam allowance  and the waist came out significantly too big so I had to add the belt, which I didn't love with the outfit but I wanted to wear this on this day so I made it work. You can see what I'm talking about if you look close.

I would have preferred my skirt to be a bit fuller but this was only 45 inch fabric and not 58-60 inch which I did not realize when I ordered this. Lesson Learned.
Overall I am really pleased with this skirt. I know how to tweak it for next time and I love that with a change of material I can make this for summer, spring, winter and/or fall.

Trying to tame all this material when a gust of wind blew by.

Have you guys made a maxi lately? Do you like them? Do they fit your style?
Talk with y'all later


  1. Cute skirt! These ate really popular right now. It's good to be able to make your own because the custom made ones are going for no less than $50.

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