Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Feeling Meh..about this one. Kwik Sew 3229.

Hey Y'all

I decided to sew up a pattern that I hadn't sewn before so I reached for OOP Kwik Sew 3229. It looked simple enough.. My plans were to narrow the legs quite a bit and maybe add elastic to make them joggers.. here's what happened.
Kwik Sew 3229 and a camouflage poly-cotton blend from Hancock's

I used the size XL. This pattern calls for a stretch fabric. I did not use a knit so I decided to use the largest size in the envelope. I narrowed each pant leg on inner and outer seam by 1 inch . That resulted in the pants still being fuller than I desired. I took off an additional 1/2 inch or so on each side but for some reason I only did this to front pant leg. So.. the back pant leg was much fuller than my front. But I think it would have been anyway minus my mix up with the adjustments cause it was like a major difference between the front and back pant legs. At this point I decided not to make them joggers and leave them as is.
I lengthened the bodice by three inches.
I swear the sun will just not cooperate with me. I squint in every single picture.

Instead of cutting the back on the fold I cut two pieces and added an exposed zipper
It looks like my right leg is off grain and the pattern is running upwards. Its not.. I had just adjusted the belt I had on and the waist was caught underneath the belt.

Per the pattern instructions the SA was to be 1/4. I used a 5/8 in the bodice area and about 1 1/2 in the seams of the pants to take away a bit more of the fullness. 
I opted not to do a fabric belt and used a 1 inch elastic instead of the 3/8 as instructed in the instructions. 

This was a $2.50 poly-cotton blend fabric and I initially was just using this as a muslin and although I don't love it, I decided to wear it out this day for lunch anyway. 

The bodice does have a front and back facing and I really liked that. So no bias binding or narrow hem at neck and arms. 
This wasn't a terrible pattern but its also not one Ill probably be running back to either. The wide legs are just too much for what I wanted in this particular jumper. 

This is me signing off! 

Talk to y'all later, 

Monday, June 8, 2015

My Sunday Blues

Hey Y'all

This pattern is an oldie.. McCalls 6700. If I knew how easy it was to whip up, I would have made this a long time ago. I started on Friday, completed on Saturday and wore to church on Sunday. There are only 5 pattern pieces required in order to make this dress. and y'all know me... One day I will kick the habit of going the easy route but for now it works for me. Making simple, uncomplicated pieces works for both my time and my wardrobe lifestyle.  

I used this blue/White/Teal spandex knit that I have had for probably 2 or 3 summers. I cant recall where it was purchased from.

The first thing I did was change the back up a tad bit. I wasn't fond of the the long ties in back. I widened each tie (there were originally 2) by 1/2 inch to make easier for turning once I attached them I didn't like the way they looked or hung. So I removed one all together, shortened the other and tacked to the other side of the shoulder.

I  ended up tacking both the front and back bodice down to eliminate the gaping. It was a simple fix and it worked but I still decided to wear a thin cami underneath just in case.

Other than the back straps and tacking the bodice closed I didn't make any other alterations. WHEN I make this again I will probably lengthen the bodice by an inch or so, the bodice was just a little short for my taste.

This was really a fun dress to make up. I could honestly have a ton of these in a bunch of pretty wild prints for summer. The one thing I may do differently when I make this up is to change the back bodice to a one panel cut on the fold back. Other than this I would keep everything exactly the same.

That's it for now. If you haven't made this one up yet, you should!

I'm looking at my pattern catalog and I'm thinking a one piece jumper is in my near future.
Have a Great week. Talk to y'all later!

Monday, June 1, 2015

My final Me-Made of 2015

Hey Y'all!
I didn't quite achieve my goal of 10 Me-Made items for for May. But, I squeaked by with 8 and for me that is a HUGE accomplishment. Granted some of these things were made previously and I just had never gotten around to wearing them. Some things I did make in May  I didn't get a chance to wear but will be able to share later.
Anyway here is a fun little skirt I wore the other day.
This fabric is so busy but perfect for summer. I purchased this fabric from my local Jo Ann's (ironically last May)

No pattern used. Its an easy circle skirt drafted according to my measurements

Although I didn't make all 10 items that I set out to make at the beginning of May I'm still pretty pleased with myself.

  That's it until next time.
Talk to y'all later