Monday, July 13, 2015

Simple black blouse: Simplicity 1364

Hey Y'all

This is such a simple plain black top that its almost not worthy of its own blog post. Wait a minute... Anything I start, complete and wear is worthy of an individual blog post because if I was going to be completely honest recently its been far and between (is that how the saying goes?) since I could post something wearable.

Anyway, I needed a simple black top that I could pair with a skirt to wear to a midday wedding. This was a purchased skirt from F21 a couple years back that I never wore because 1. I bought it for church without trying it on then realized the under slip was too short and sheer and 2. I just didn't have a simple shirt to pair it with.

My first fix was the skirt. I had to cut out the sheer, thin, short slip that was attached to the skirt. The attached slip barely covered my bum, and although probably really sexy on someone else Im not about that life. So I took a black slip I had on hand ( I buy slips anytime I am at a thrift store and they are cheap) and stitched it to the underside of the skirt waistband. PROBLEM SOLVED

Second, was the top Simplicity 1364
  I made the size 16 in a black Peachskin. This fabric was originally $9.99 but was on sale for 30% off and I used an additional 20% of coupon so this top cost me a little over $6.

Initially, I wasn't sure about the neckline but after it was complete I really liked it. Like the pattern envelope suggested this top sews up in a "Jiffy". There are only 4 pattern pieces the front, back, and 2 facings.
The waist/bottom of the top was tight and narrow, I couldn't pull it all the way over my hips but where it stopped was fine for me. I cut the back on the fold and had a back center seem choosing to omit the lapped back zipper. The underarm was a bit too tight for my liking and I knew it would get irritating after wearing for awhile so I snipped out 1/2 inch from the underarm from the notch to edge.  This gave me the perfect amount of ease I needed.

Dressform Pics:



How I paired it: 

I really liked this top and can see myself making this as a simple shell to go under blazers and jackets in the cooler months. 

Talk with yall soon. 

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