Friday, May 8, 2015

Me-Made-May'15- I took the (modified) Pledge!

Hey Y'all so for the last couple of years during this time I would see floating around the blogisphere mention of MMM'14('13)('12).. At the time I didn't quite know exactly what the challenge consisted of. But, now I do.

Its a challenge, initially created by a blogger Zoe where a person vows to wear something hand made everyday for the month of May. This challenge can be modified to fit your lifestyle and such. The entire challenge can be found here on this blog

I decided to take the challenge but had to curtail it to fit my lifestyle and available sewing time (or lack thereof). I wear scrubs to work so it was unrealistic for me to vow to wear something 'me made'  every day unless of course it was scrubs, and honestly I'm just not that excited about sewing scrubs.

Wearing 'Me Made' clothing only on the weekend is not as lofty a challenge as those who are gonna wear handmade items everyday. However, it still puts me in at least 10 (5 weekends in May this year) hand made garments this month which would be the absolute most  "me Made' items I have made or worn in a month ever! So this is a pretty serious challenge for me.

'I, (NaTisha C.  of ), sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '15. I endeavor to wear 1 handmade garment each weekend day (Saturday and Sunday) .................for the duration of May 2015'

I apologize in advance for the shoddy picture quality, I was out of town in hotel and only had my Ipad to take pics and not sure why the quality is so grainy but I wanted to post anyway

no pattern used on this purple/gray gradient chiffon maxi skirt. I used a gray knit as the underskirt. This was a super simple skirt to make. I took my waist measurement x 1.5 and used that much fabric. sewed it onto a 3 inch wide piece of elastic the measurement of my waist, hemmed and VOILA!   I got several compliments the day I wore this out to the Casino with my Dad.    

Flowered scuba knit pencil skirt. No pattern used (fabric cut based on my waist and hip measurement),and desired length, I hemmed and..Voila!
I have never used scuba knit prior to this skirt but I love the ease in which it sewed and I still have close to 2 yards left of this fabric so I will be making something else soon with it. I purchased a few weeks back from Joann's for $3.50/yd

That's it. Week 1 done!
Talk with yall later!

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