Monday, April 4, 2016

Leggings as pants!

I know I'm treading into dangerous territory here and I know the topic of wearing leggings as pants gets a lot of discussion both yah and nay.. I say do what you like! I personally have made lots of leggings but I would only wear them to the gym or while running, that is until I rummaged through my fabric shelves and found enough leftovers of a pretty floral scuba knit"ish" floral fabric that I originally intended as running pants.    

So I whipped them up in my most favorite leggings pattern ever. The company is Patterns for pirates the name is Peglegs. I love them. I'm too lazy to post pics of all my running pants Ive made in the past using this pattern but here are just a few that I could find quickly. All made for working out. Ive probably made this pattern at least 8-9 times.  They hold up well while stretching, bending and running.

Anyway I made them up in my regular size in the scuba knit.. And they didn't fit. I could barely pull them up on my legs, let alone over my butt. What I didn't realize is that the pattern calls for a 2 way/4way stretch (whichever phrase you use) but this particular knit only had a one way horizontal stretch. They were too small I was devastated!

But I had just enough fabric left to squeeze out another pair a size larger. (In all honesty I should have sized up more because they are just a wee bit too snug) but I decided I was gonna make them work.
 After I got them sewed up I realized I really did love them and there was no way I couldn't actually wear these pants... So that's what I did and I'm glad about it.

One thing I learned is that for a good fitting leggings its best for your fabric to stretch in both directions. You all probably already knew that but I learned the hard way.

decided to change the look up a bit with the shoes. But I wore this outfit with converse keeping it super casual
Do you all wear leggings as pants?
Talk with y'all later,

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