Thursday, February 11, 2016

Tackling UFO's New Look 6231

Hey Y'all
I don't have a lot of details or great pics on this one but decided to post anyway. I initially started this jacket back in May of 2015. I purchased the denim from a thrift store for  $2.50 total and there were a little over 3 yards in all.
So here's what happened that caused it to sit unfinished for the last 9 months.
I cut the size 18 (the reason escapes me at the moment why I cut that size) in View B.
I got it all sewed up and loved the pleated peplum, the princess seaming and the fabric but hated the huge sleeve cap. So I hung it on the back of my door where the rest of the unfinished garments that I plan to salvage are hanging out. I planned to unpick and remove the sleeve and narrow down the sleeve cap both on the bodice and the sleeve itself. Every time I looked at it I wanted to do it but the task seemed so overwhelming and I'm just not at the place where alterations (no matter how small) come easy.  I put it off and kept telling myself I will do it after the next garment, then the next, then..well you get the point...its 9 months later.
So this past Sunday I grabbed it tried it on asked my husband his opinion and he responded "Oh shoulder pads are back in style?' He was so serious, bless his heart.

  I decided to wear it as is because the likelihood of me "fixing" it were slim to none and I really liked it outside of the sleeves. So I got dressed and wore it to church even though I cringed about that boxy shoulder pad look.

Lesson here.. I understand the importance of making a muslin of items but I'm just to darn lazy to do it most times. I need to change that bad habit.

Sorry about the sloppy pics but I had been to church and lunch and grocery shopping and as an afterthought remembered to snap a few pics to share.
Despite the fashion consensus saying that peplums need to be buried I WILL be making this again in the correct size for a better fit.

I'm curious do you guys muslin every garment?
How long do you keep the muslins for? I cleaned out my office/sewing room and threw out about 5-6 garments I knew I would never ever finish.

That's it for now.

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